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Choosing a Photocopier is NOT EASY!

HOW much will the wrong decision cost you ?

UNBIASED INDEPENDENT advice in Brisbane because photocopiers are a big investment or a big rental commitment.

Without getting the right information you are likely to easily make the wrong choice of copier and chances are high this may apply to you. Simply getting the cheapest online sourced quotes is not going to help you. Cheap is for a reason.

Avoid the confusion, below is our easy 3 step  consultation process to make sure your photocopier selection is stress free, no pressure and simple.  Follow this process below to avoid a costly mistake and be sure instead…


Did You Know

A quick google search on “compare photocopiers“ will reveal over 347 000 hits. You or your allocated staff member end up doing a lot more work, confused, paralysis by analysis and you end up still no further ahead. Does this sound familiar?

Let me explain how it could still be worse….

You make a decision just to put an end to the process and it ends up being the wrong photocopier. The photocopier you picked is too slow, doesn’t do the job intended, your staff aren’t happy, you are not happy and the boss isn’t happy! Your aspirations of a more economical and better photocopier have come undone and it’s embarrassing now.

Even worse still the “cheaper deal” you think you got ends up costing you a bucket load more.

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is choosing the cheapest print supplier they come across. Most of the times these cheapest print suppliers end up costing the company a small fortune”

Luke Ryan

– Australia’s leading marketplace information hub.

What if selecting a photocopier was a lot easier by working with a trusted adviser where you have all the choices, no time pressure and no sales pressure. Would that be an easier and simpler alternative?

Let me explain the primary and most important reason why Brisbane Copiers are different.

Brisbane Copiers deal with many brands and are vendor neutral which means our primary objective is the right photocopier first and then best price second. Brisbane Copiers are accountable for our photocopier selection and have a reputation to guard.

Being a multi brand photocopier supplier means we achieve efficient, effective, economical and a thought out process selection for you. We asses which specification of photocopier is the best fit for you and then the best value for money photocopier. This allows you to decide with peace of mind and the lowest risk possible of getting the wrong photocopier.

It also means we have several small to large photocopiers to choose from and are not biased to only one range. We source photocopiers and trusted brands that you want based on the problems you need solving, your essential needs and requirements.

Our business is based on referrals and we all know if you are not happy you will tell a lot of people.

Here is our simple and easy 3 step proven approach
to selecting your photocopier.

Good Understanding

We get a good and complete understanding of what your existing problems, frustrations, issues and limitations are. In short what isn’t working and what has got you to the point you want change. We can do this in person at your office, over the phone or via zoom etc

Providing Exact Solution

We match a photocopier or printer based on what you have told us will be a solution. Providing exact solution is our expertise (anyone can give you the cheapest price) and we give you the top two brands and best value for money photocopiers to choose from. If we can’t find you a suitable match we don’t get to step 3 below.

Our job is Done

We leave it all with you. Our job is done. Once you are clear and we have answered your questions, modified things based on your feedback we let you be the judge as to what is best for you. Pressure is no good for you or for us.

Now you have a simpler and easier alternative to getting the right photocopier with the lowest risk.

If you need  to be sure in your photocopier selection contact me on 0404 099 102 for a free no pressure consultation about your situation or request a call below.

About Sam

Originally an accountant working for one of the top 10 world accounting firms Sam then became a senior commercial manager for companies like TOLL, Mayne and Pepsi and then a successful business consultant for the last 15 years.

Sam understands that bottom line performance is the key. As a corporate commercial manager he has evaluated many equipment proposals and spoken with countless sales representatives. This means that as a customer, he has been where you are and what to look for in a solution.

Having made costly mistakes on copiers in the past he knows what to look for and what to be aware of in a binding rental copier contract.

I couldn’t be happier with the service I received . Amazing turnaround time from the day I enquired, to the day my new Samsung was all setup up in my office. The Service agreement allows me to only pay for what I use and gives me piece of mind that I will never be without a printer. Sam was very helpful and took time to visit my office and find out what my requirements were, he walked me through the many options that they have available.


– Iconic Property Management-


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